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Char Magnifico

Char MagnificoBorn in New York City, Char moved to Memphis in 2002 where she soon established herself as a powerful vocalist in the local music scene and met bassist Louis Magnifico.  The two had an immediate connection and chemistry and were soon married and formed the group Vintage along with guitar virtuoso Guy Lee and drummer Kurt Ruleman.

Her eclectic musical taste ranges from Sinatra to Soundgarden but she holds a particular affection to vintage rock, classic delta blues, and traditional jazz.

Char and Louis, together known worldwide as "The Traveling Twosome," have their own Roku TV Channel for which they produce film and video, they host a weekly radio show, write eBooks, and produce documentaries.  One of their TV shows,  A Day in the Life, features Char and Louis as they take on other people's jobs or hobbies and experience it for themselves!  They've been everything from dairy goat farmers to pro wrestlers (no joke... Char was a natural in the ring and creamed Louis in their match).  Visit and check it out!